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QTracer participates in TechEmerge Health East Africa Innovation Summit

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

53 tech companies from 20 countries have been selected to attend the virtual TechEmerge Health East Africa Innovation Summit on October 27-29, 2020. QTracer has been named one of the 53 companies that can help address East Africa's Health Challenges.

In total, over 415 tech companies from 50 countries applied to the TechEmerge Health East Africa program. Applications went through a competitive evaluation process supported by a global network of  ~30 independent expert advisors. 53 tech companies across multiple categories were identified to have market-relevant solutions that may meet the needs of participating East Africa healthcare providers (“Providers”). There are ~25 leading Providers in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia participating in the program, serving over 6.5 million patients across 285+ facilities, with 2,850 beds.

The selected innovators from around the world offer a range of solutions that can drive better healthcare outcomes in East Africa, including tools in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Point of Care Diagnostics, Maternal & Child Health, Patient Engagement, Quality Management, Operational Efficiency and beyond.

Our Solution

QTracer is a software platform that enables real-time performance management to learn and improve quality and safety, as well as support accreditation and compliance. The platform, consisting of web based applications installed on a hospital's server, enables continuous improvement in an efficient and cost-effective way. The solution is easy to use, easy to adjust, and motivates employees to collaborate and be more accountable and transparent, while guiding the hospital's journey towards actionable insights to improve performance using standards and accreditation.

Business operations

QTracer has a team for development, technical implementation, support and training. Cloud hosted delivery model for an affordable price and controlled from The Netherlands. QTracer has a local partner, the company PHIL & ERNST CO-LTD, located in Nairobi, Kenya, to support East Africa operations.

Visit us at TechEmerge Health East Africa Innovation Summit. We would be glad to welcome you at our booth.

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