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The QTracer system combines an attractive mobile app with a central dashboard.


The mobile app lets you to "track & trace" all standardization programs, policies and procedures and organizations you manage and run them through your processes as they work to meet the standards you've set while the central dashboard lets you easily share insights to improve and visualize compliance progress related to your performance standards.


QTracer allows healthcare organizations to streamline processes, reduce costs, and improve performance, and all while maintaining continued compliance with quality and patient safety standards and accreditation programs.


The compelling way of mobile team working with QTracer encourage learning, collaboration and proactive action. This is what makes QTracer unique in comparison with general audit tools!

Follow the four-step process to create and perform tracers, share your findings and implement your patient safety and quality improvements.
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Create your tracer theme question set by selecting elements of performance, questions and observations from your standards library in just a few clicks.

You can manage multiple standards and accreditation programs in password- protected portals at all levels within the enterprise; for individual users, groups, departments, et cetera.



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Carry out your tracer easily , in an intuitive way and with full confidence with the user-friendly App. The App guides you logically trough all phases of the tracer process.


Easily add photos and comments when “auditing” – to be in control – which are directly related with the issues. A complete report is automatically saved with one click and immediately available in the dashboard.


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The system provides immediate feedback to the frontline staff, a critical component of demonstrating a commitment to safety and quality improvement.


Tracer results and reports are accessible, everywhere and at all time in your QTracer Dashboard.


The Dashboard lets you easily analyze and visualize data sets to monitor and evaluate your progress.


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Initiate and implement improvements


Proper management of tracers is in fact pointless without structural improvement. The improvement action board helps you to convert feedback from tracers into positive improvements.

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