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planetree app

Planetree App

a dedicated application to support your Planetree journey efficiently.


Positioning the Family and Patient at the center.

Planetree provides healthcare organizations around the globe with a true construct for person-centered care excellence –– a proven process that engages patients, aligns with today’s mandates for better population health management, and improves organizational performance in quality, safety, and experience.


Their experience-driven, evidence-based certification program transforms the aspirational aim of becoming a person-centered organization into a journey defined by attainable goals and measurable results.

QTracer is here to help you meet your goals in your person-centered journey. Our dedicated Planetree App enables you to easily


  • manage your Planetree standards

  • measure performance against these standards

  • conduct feedback surveys  

  • implement improvement actions

  • monitor your progress

The App uses Point Tally Scoring to rate the Measurable Elements.

Additional evidence can be added through images.

Non-compliance issues are commented on in the appropriate text box that can be converted into actions through an Action List.


Questions requiring a Narrative Response are processed in a dedicated text box through open questions.

Monitor your progress in a modern Dashboard that has the right instruments and controls at your fingertips.

Our dashboard is clear, uncluttered and only shows the data that is important.

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