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QTracer welcomes new investors: Utrecht Holdings and OS Websolutions

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Tilburg – 30 October 2019 – The innovative start-up QTracer has successfully completed a financing round and welcomes Utrecht Holdings and OS Websolutions as new investors. With this financing, the company can further develop its software platform for quality management in healthcare into a state-of-the-art cloud solution for the international market.

The QTracer software was originally developed and successfully put into use by the University Medical Center Utrecht for JCI accreditation. Since the company was founded in August 2015, QTracer has further developed and commercialized the software platform.

Safe care – the challenge

Nowadays, the optimization of quality and patient safety is of paramount importance in healthcare. This requires insight using so-called improvement information. To this end, hospitals collect a lot of quality information, but its meaning is often not clear. This impedes usability for actual quality improvement.

The implementation of so-called “Tracers” in healthcare helps with this. Through medical record reviews, observations and dialogue between healthcare professionals, action-oriented information is generated to improve the primary process. However, this is a very time-consuming process by hand.

The solution

With the QTracer mobile app on a tablet, the complex and labor-intensive Tracer process is simplified and accelerated by a digitally automated workflow. Healthcare professionals and managers receive quick feedback through a central dashboard and can also quickly see where improvement initiatives make sense. This innovative approach enables hospitals to streamline their processes, reduce costs and improve performance. In short, to meet current quality and patient safety standards in a cost-effective way.

Future plans

Director William Sommer looks confidently at the future of QTracer. “Several large hospitals in the Netherlands and Belgium are already working with our software and also in Brazil they opt for QTracer. Every hospital wants to deliver safe patient care. With this investment we can now quickly expand the platform to a cloud solution and serve the international market. ” Software partner and co-investor Otman Nouinou of OS Websolutions adds: “The QTracer platform now offers hospitals a solution that can be implemented in a short time for improving quality assurance according to existing standards frameworks”. Investor Mirko Lukács of Utrecht Holdings: “As a knowledge transfer organization at UMC Utrecht, we have seen at close quarters how QTracer technology can improve the process of quality tracers in healthcare. QTracer is now ready to take the step to the international market. “

About Utrecht Holdings

Utrecht Holdings is the office for knowledge transfer and spin-offs from the University Medical Center Utrecht and the University of Utrecht. Utrecht Holdings works together with researchers on the marketing of innovations and intellectual property (IP) and invests in promising spin-offs that stem from scientific research at both institutions. Since 2000, Utrecht Holdings has invested in more than 40 spin-offs.

About OS Websolutions

OS Websolutions in Rijen has been at the forefront for 20 years when it comes to developing, implementing and securely managing online software and working on solutions for both small and large customers, such as ABN AMRO, Achmea and Interpolis.

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